Summary of Mandai Project

Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari in the Mandai area will be expanded to create a 126 ha mega-attraction by 2023. The new development includes the Bird Park, Rainforest Park, Education Centre and 400-room full service hotel.

Approximately 35.4 ha of the existing nature areas will be cleared for the development. In addition, another 28.54 ha in the WRS area will be redeveloped. A total of 63.94 ha. Even though the project will not encroach on the Central Catchment Nature Reserve (CCNR), the buffer area around CCNP will be greatly affected.

This will increase the visitorship to about 58,500 per day, creating a huge human imprint to this quiet green area as the opening hours is also extended with night activities and lodging.

Below is a summary of the planned attractions.

  Bird Park Rainforest Park Education Centre Lodging
Area 17.3 ha 20.43 ha 1.56 ha 4.65 ha
Completion 2020 2023 2022 2023
Operation time 0900 – 1800 h

Occasional night activities

0700 – 1900 h

Occasional night activities

0800 – 2100 h


24 hours all year round


Peak day visitorship 14,300 19,000 25,200              –
Original habitat that will be affected with the development Grassland with patches of mature and young secondary forest, scrubbed forest types with habitat values for critically endangered flora and fauna (e.g. Sunda Pangolin) Matured and disturbed secondary forest, scrubland forest types with habitat values for critically endangered flora and fauna (e.g. Lesser Mousedeer) High biodiversity values in adjacent areas



Adjacent to disturbed primary and mature secondary forest with habitat values for critically endangered flora and fauna (e.g. important Dipterocarp species)
Details of Attraction 9 large walk-in aviaries with different landscapes, netted amphitheatre, indoor exhibition area, smaller individual aviaries, back of house facilities, breeding and research facility, retail and F&B spaces


2 large netted encloures, animal enclosures, adventure components e.g. rope courses, climbing strutures and trails

2 storey building to house smaller exhibits, retail and F&B


3-storey building with museum, exhibition galleries, entertainment hub, function room, training rooms, Forest Kindergarten, library, retail stores and offices



400-room full-service hotel, family accommodation units, f&b facilities, kitchens, banquet and events facilities, swimming pool and spa.

Plans to build more permanent accommodation such as tents, rustic cottages

Arrival Nodes
  • Landscaped public space with commercial facilities
  • operation time 0600 – 2400 h (East Arrival Node)
  • Landscaped deck with recreated forest patches, open grass areas, artificial stream and waterfall, Food court, F&B spaces and play areas
  • Building on disturbed primary, secondary forests with high biodiversity values
Other infrastructures

Car parks, Mandai Lake Road may be widen, drainage, roads, pedestrian and cycling pathways, internal People Mover System to shuttle visitors, non-gated public amenities e.g. boardwalk system

For more information about the project, check out the Mandai Environmental Impact Assessment.

Mandai Develeopment Concept Masterplan

Source: Mandai Safari Park Holdings Environmental Impact Assessment Report 22 July 2016


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