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“Seriously, how big is Singapore?”

In my reading we found many different figures for the area of Singapore by various sources. This is interesting and possibly worthwhile to send the students on a search journey to find out the size of Singapore and discuss the reasons for such discrepancies. Questions possibly stemmed from how surveys are done. Is the area calculated based on area exposed during low tide? Is it calculated base on aerial photos or physical land survey? Can the students use google map to calculate?


The Land area (sq. km) in Singapore was last reported at 700 in 2010, according to a World Bank report published in 2012. Land area is a country’s total area, excluding area under inland water bodies, national claims to continental shelf, and exclusive economic zones. In most cases the definition of inland water bodies includes major rivers and lakes. This page includes a historical data chart, news and forecasts for Land area (sq. km) in Singapore. http://www.tradingeconomics.com/singapore/land-area-sq-km-wb-data.html

Land Area (sq km)

Year Area/ ha
2011 714.3
2012 715.8
2013 716.5
2014 718.9
2015 719.1


Nature Reserve Area/ ha Percentage
BTNR & CCNR 3,043 4.29
BTNR 163 0.23
CCNR 2880 4.06
Labrador Nature Reserve 10 0.01
Sungei Buloh 130 0.18
4 Nature Reserves 3183 4.48

NParks website Use Google map to trace the fragmentation and note what human development activity has cause this fragmentation.

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