Once destroyed it may be gone forever

LOSS OF OUR HERTAGE & BIODEIVERSITY We will lose a part of the oldest heritage we have if the Primary Forest is destroyed. A Primary forest is part of the origin forest that has never been developed. Any development, even boring 70m – 100m deep holes for soil investigation WILL have some degree of impact. It is not measurable and who can guarantee that the forest will not be destroyed?


Can’t be the precedent

PROTECTED It is a Nature Reserve. It is protected under the PARKS & TREE ACT 2005 against any damage no matter how minor. If we bend the Parks & Trees Act and cause harm to one of the most precious ancient natural area in Singapore, what is there to stop policy makers from developing other parts of the nature reserve (e.g. in Mandai) or all other green areas that are not protected by law? This decision to build the MRT line will set a precedent that cannot be allowed.

“What is the long-term cost to Singapore of potentially damaging (the) nature reserve? Are we setting the precedent that, as long as we pledge to be careful, we can do infrastructure works in protected areas?”
Dr Shawn Lum, president of the Nature Society


Is there no value in natural heritage? Are we making decision for our future generation?

CREATIVE SOLUTIONS The Primary Forest in the Central Catchment area has stood there since the last ice age as mentioned in the page It is ANCIENT. It has survived the last ice age, the extensive deforestation for agriculture pre and post Raffles time, the Second World War and now in the 21st century its fate may be sealed because of the need to be faster and more efficient. Our more affluent generation of policy makers, politicians and public play a role to continue to protect it and NOT damage it.

Are we not richer than our forefathers?

Are we not collectively more educated?

Can we come up with better solutions?

Is building the Cross Island Line across Singapore the best solution to ease the projected traffic crunch?

Have we exhausted all options?

Even if it cost us more shouldn’t we make decisions not entirely base on dollars and cents?

As a developed country, we should have the means to protect this last natural heritage for our younger generations. The MRT line is not a survival issue. Can we add another 4 minutes of traveling time or spend an additional $2 billion?



We need to have the big picture

BIG PICTURE It costs $20.7 billion to build the 20.9 km long Downtown Line. The LTA chief executive Chew Men Leong in a letter to ST Forum has stated that it will incur an additional $2 billion for the additional 5 km re-route that skirts the nature reserve instead going straight through.

$2 billion to save our nature reserve and potentially add another station for residents and commuters in Thomson/ Adam area from the extended 5 km re-route seems pretty reasonable.

The CRL is 50 km long that will transverse from East to the West of Singapore. It will not just be the residents in the Upper Thomson area that may be affected by the re-route proposed. LTA has not disclosed details of CRL beyond the 2 alignment routes that are hotly debated now. Potentially residents and businesses around Loyang, Pasir Ris, Hougang, Ang Mo Kio, Sin Ming. Bukit Timah, Clementi, West Coast and Jurong Industrial Estate might be “affected” as they will all also benefit from the proposed CRL just like the Upper Thomson residents. [Source: LTA]


Please step back and look at the big picture. Not all the information has been provided yet.

The only fact is, the nature reserve which is protected under law should remain protected.

There is an alternative route. Please Re-route to save our nature reserve.

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